Coarse Angling on the River Wye

Guests staying at Rose and Lilac Cottages are invited to enjoy the excellent coarse fishing on the River Wye at Bredwardine, Herefordshire. There is left bank fishing of one and a half miles in total.

There are fishing permits for two rods per cottage,0 free of charge to cottage guests for the duration of their stay. 14th March – 15th June excluded for close season.

Beat on the near (left) bank of River Wye
Under Bredwardine Bridge
River view from Brobury House

The Wye is a very clean river which meanders through the picturesque, tranquil Herefordshire countryside.  The river supports a thriving variety of fish including barbel, chub, dace, trout, grayling and pike. Barbel of 10-11 lbs are regularly caught on our beat, as are chub of 5lb+.

Richard with Barbel

The river is approx. 200 metres from the cottages, an easy walk through the grounds. There are steps to the Watermeadow, which can be avoided if necessary by a slightly longer route though the gardens ( approx. 5 mins walk).

Steps down to Watermeadow
Longer route through grounds, avoiding steps

brobury house gardens

There is no vehicular access to the riverbank – it is footpower only. The water level of the Wye fluctuates throughout the season, dependent on rainfall and snowmelt in the Welsh hills.  When the water level is low the banks can be steep and they are sometimes slippery if wet.

Brobury Cottages also provide an ideal centre from which to explore the wealth of excellent river and lake fishing in the area including many fisheries on the River Wye, River Lugg , River Arrow and numerous lakes.